Elena González better known as ELNO is a Spanish street artist based in London, illustrator and painter and also founder of Wom Collective, a female street artists collective based in London with the goal to empower others and re-teach Her-story. 

Her imagination is in a constant whirl of creative frenzy in which she blends together human and mythological characters with wild, free and spectacular animals, surrendering by nature and organic lines; be it through her inspiration from the eclectic worlds of the theater and circus. 

ELNO is childlike with her playfulness in her work and honest in her approach to her creative process. She allows her mind to run wild and in doing so she allows her pieces to wholeheartedly express her true self. Currently, she is focusing part of her career to share her art skills with others, working at different art workshops and community programs. 

Her style has developed from her experience in the theatre and illustration industries. She proudly has a Masters in ‘Costume Design’ from IED (Barcelona) and has also studied a degree in ‘Fashion Design’ at EASD (Valencia). Originally starting as a street artist, her work is now in demand and is regularly being commissioned worldwide by art galleries and brands such as G Star Raw, Adidas,Acer, Barrio Bar, Amigos Tequila Beer,Glastonbury Festival...

She stays true to her roots and regularly sprays in paint jams, art exhibitions and live performances working collaboratively with other artists and independently. 

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