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Elena Gonzalez Nieto also known as ELNO, is a Spanish visual artist based in London since 2014. Covering a broad range of artistic styles & techniques, Street Artist, Illustrator / Painter and co-founder of the Wom Collective, a female street art collective that puts great emphasis on empowering Women & Connecting and inspiring communities through art. Curating various events, exhibitions & paint jams that all put great focus on sharing and inspiring the community.

Her style has evolved & developed from a multitude of background influences ranging from living experiences in European Cities such as Paris & Barcelona, working experiences within the theatre / Film industry to her interest in self development, spirituality and the natural world.

Well qualified within the creative industries, She has a Masters Degree in Costume Design attained from IED (Barcelona) and a degree in Fashion Design graduating from EASD in Valencia, finishing her degree with an award scholarship in Paris lasting 8 Months. During the last years, Elena has worked tirelessly to develop her skills as a street artists, and illustrator, finding core inspiration within the hustle and bustle of the London Streets, and in the general environment surrounding her. She is a firm believer in the power of art, what it can bring to community, the impact of art within society and the life it can ignite within people.

Her work as a mural artist and painter has been supported and commissioned from various brands ranging from Las Iguanas Restaurant, G-Star Raw, Foot Locker, Acer, Formula E, Glastonbury Festival to CNN. ELNO has also had her illustration work featured in collaboration with multiple Spanish writers within Magazine publications, Novels, and children's Books.

Sharing her skills as an artist to draw the creativity out of people to encourage change, inspire outlooks and provide opportunity has led to a great focus on teaching in the form of workshops within multiple charity organisations such as YUAF & Stockwell Community Trust. This is something she is working hard to develop further, with the goal to produce workshops accessible for schools, charities, youth centres & adult centres and anyone wishing to explore a creativity that she truly believes resides within us all.

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